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Special brand new music video from Innocent Idibia popularly known as 2face Idibia. This is a remix to one of 2face's hot track released almost a decade ago and lyrically it's still fresh. Nfana Ibaga was officially released under Kennis Music before 2face and the label parted ways in an unexpected manner. However this remix just brings back old memories. 

Well in this remix we noticed Mr Idibia changed some critical part of the lyrics and also added to it. 

One out two we noticed is: The original song said...

"Kennis Music gat my back day and night"
In this remix we hear...

"Because Africa gat my back day and night"

Lastly the original song said...

"Just because say  I no finish school, some people them they take me for a fool"

In this remix we hear...

"Just because I finish from Street School, some people want to take me for a fool"
 Ok no offense for spotting that out we love it though and who cares ? 2faces a legend already and he's proved his point. Enjoy the music video below Jarey!!!
Big shoutout to Ojb Jezreel for this Production.


Very recently, Oritse Femi returned from his USA tour and we had a one minute chat with the Star and he shared some lights about his forthcoming album and also giving advise to the YOUTH concerning Politics.

In his words:

"I am so happy to see most of my childhood friends going into politics because I believe that's an avenue to put heads together and fight it. Political violence need to be shunned in our country".

When asked about his Album and who are we expecting to be featured in the album.

In his words:

"For now we're still working on the album, it's going to be called "DOUBLE WAHALA" and we're very much close to finishing the work. There will be a-List artiste ofcourse plus international collaborations too but i won't mention the artiste or artistes yet." 

However we insisted on how soon but he reluctantly gave us a hint...

"This YEAR"

Since we're 2months away, Late November wouldn't be a bad guess....

Follow Him @oritsefemi @ray_tmg @danku506

That moment when the world has been waiting for the final judgement on a murder case that happened Feb 14th 2013 (Lovers day turns deadly for One).

Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to 5 years in prison for killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa judged the case in order to strike a balance between Mercy and Retribution, which she explained if given a long sentence it would lack “Mercy,” while a more lenient sentence would “send the wrong message to the community but at the same time the courts do not exist to win popularity contests.”  

She further explained “It would be a sad day for this country(South Africa) if an impression was created that there is one law for the poor and disadvantaged and another for the rich and famous,”

 “Righteous anger should not cloud judgment.” - Judge Masipa.

"Unlike similar cases involving negligence, Mr. Pistorius knew that someone was behind the door and his aim was to shoot the intruder. He was trained in the use of firearms, which imposed a high degree of responsibility on him. The toilet was a small cubicle. An intruder would have had no room to maneuver or escape, Such was the degree of negligence that a noncustodial sentence “would not be appropriate,” the judge said. 

Judge Masipa spent 65 minutes summing up her decision before sentencing the 27years-old Athlete Oscar Pistorius to 5 years in prison today (21st October 2014).

The family of Reeva Steenkamps said they are "Satisfied with the ruling" even though they have forgiven him a long time ago while Oscar's family said they have no intention to appeal.

According to reports Pistorius will only serve 10 months out of the 5 years but will be placed on house arrest, virtually since the moment of the shooting, Mr. Pistorius has been free on bail, living in the luxurious mansion of his uncle Arnold Pistorius. But for now, Martin Hood, a South African lawyer, told Sky News, Mr. Pistorius is a sentenced prisoner and will spend the night in a cell at Pretoria’s main prison. 

 “It’s going to be a cold, harsh reality for him tonight,” Mr. Hood said.

Let's not forget this trail was supposed to have lasted three weeks after it was opened in March(2014) however due to Crying and Emotions from Oscar Pistorius it lasted almost 7 months Phew!!!.

For sure the South African athlete star will miss the Next Summer Olympic Games in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro 2016 kicking off 5th August - 21st August even though he's spent 10 months in Jail but should be free before Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Reeva Steenkamps was 29 before she died from multiple gun shots to her head and body, may her soul rest in peace. Justice has been Made.

The picture tells it all.....

Img crd: Net.
Check out Annie Idibia's official customized 24-carat gold plated iPhone 6 delivered to her by luxury designer Malivelihood. This fellas are the same folks who's done and deliver gold plated iPhones to most of all the celebrities in Nigeria(well to those who can afford it tho).

This iPhone is said to have been designed with a 24 carat gold and ofcourse diamonds(dunno if they are real diamonds or Blings Blings lol ).

Few months back this same company delivered a gold plated microphone to Mavin's first lady Tiwa Savage but the most annoying part is that this celebrities tend to post on social media like they(Malivelihood) designed and sent it to them like some charity isshh and they didn't pay any dime lol. 

She wrote "thank u so much brov!!! God make u bigger... I love it!!!" on Instagram after her manager posted it first and then she reposted.

We're not sure of the actual price but according to GoldGenie who specializes in customizing iPhones, a 64GB iPhone 6 is worth $2,153 = N352969.04 bt keep in mind no diamonds, no custom name at the back so Annie's iPhone 6 could be upto that amount mentioned in the title of this post.

Img src: Instagram
Music in general has become a big business not just in America but also in the Western world.

Talking about Music business we all know how hardworking it could be to become a star in this our time(well not really hardwork perse, Just sing Booty, Shake some thing in your video and also rolling with top artiste will get you there lol).

Recently an online news publishing site, had a chat with one of Africas most international superstar Wizkid and from the chat the Starboy CEO claims he charges 10million Naira (about $60514 as at N165.25 to a dollar) from Artiste he detest but FREE to artiste he loves.

Quote On Quote:
"I charge N10million for collaboration but I don’t charge the people
 I love. "

Wizkid also bragged about himself being a hit maker on any beat or artiste he features.

‘I don’t pay for collaborations because I’m confident of myself.’...

But the real question is do people pay ?

Wizkid also made no remorse about how desperate Saeon wanted him to promote the song "BOOGIE DOWN" which she apparently paid him N1.5M for.

The 24years old music stars recently dropped his second official album titled "AYO" after almost 4years from his first debut studio album "SUPERSTAR".

10million Naira for a Single BS or Cheap ?

Despite all the efforts dope rapper Tyga and Kylie tried it was to no avail coz right now the egg has been broken and it's started to decade.

Let's brush it a lil bit, Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae is a close friend of Kylie Jenner and Tyga is a recording artiste under Wayne's label YMCMB(which also stars Nicki Minaj and Drake) but Lil wayne thinks it's absorb for his label mate to be going out with a girl as young as his daughter.

According to fresh report from a reliable source MTO, Lil Wayne has refused to released Tyga's new song until he dissolves the relationship between him and Kylie.

The report also affirms that it's a bad reputation for both Tyga and Lil Wayne knowing fully well these young ones are in the business too and are also surrounded by Rappers every single minutes. 

Quote on quote from MediaTakeOut: "[Lil' Wayne] thinks that it's disgraceful that Tyga is dating Kylie, who is the same age as his (Wayne’s) daughter Reginae. Reginae and Kylie are actually friends. Wayne thinks it's a bad example for his daughter, who is in the business, and surrounded by rappers."

Biography-wise Tyga was born in 1989 while Kylie was born 1997, checking the age gap it's just 7years. You might say it's not that far, but the truth is Lil Wayne is PISSED and Tyga has only two option if the rumor becomes reality...

1. QUIT: The relationship and focus on his career.
2. LEAVE: YMCMB and follow his HEART (sounds Gangstalicious init ? )

Drop your comment if you agree with Lil Wayne.

By now we've all in one way or the other read/heard about Tiwa Savage and her Manager/HUSBAND are having marital issue ? Well Tee-Billz aka the sharp guy has come to say "HELL NO to them MARRIAGE KILLERS".

The 323 entertainment CEO who manages and cares for Tiwa Savage said in an interview with Encomium Magazine... “We are still very much in love and happily married.”

Rumor has it that handsome luvey-tuvey Tee-billz spanks and beats his beloveth Tiwa Savage, Ooops we can not guarantee where that rumor came from but we sure know it's in the air somewhere and it's going to leak out just like iCloud has been leaking celebrity nude photos loool.

img: Google imgs

In todays episode for our Picture of the day we have two funny ones.

The fiirst one is from Nigeria's famous Actor Chinedu Ikedieze who has grown to stardom however we're not talking about his success instead we love to share this funny picture of him posing like he's GAY. And yes we know this looks like it's from a movie set/scene. But we think it's still GAYISH.

The second is this...

I found the above image on Facebook and i tot it should be included in today's Picture of the Day. One interesting part about this meme is that it lives on coz everyone who sees/reads this image will always have a second thought about Nigerian Men lol... And you just did.

Big shout out to Banglee aka Dbanj on his frosh Apple/BeatByDre endorsement. Nothing feels like owning fresh custom built Gold color BeatsbyDre StudioWireless headphones. Plus Dbanj is now the African Ambassador to BeatsByDre...See all the photos below. 

Starting December, Apple and BeatsByDre are launching apparently Dbanj's limited edition of Beats so look out for it...See photo below!

Pop Icon 2Face Idibia's Festac nightclub 'Rumors' was a befitting venue for the debut live performance of “Dance Go”, the landmark collaboration between him and pop star Wizkid....See All the Photos below!

 The upbeat, feel good #HennessyArtistry2014 theme song debuted on October 2nd and is currently buzzing on the airwaves. Dance Go was produced by popular producer Sarz, with Hennessy Artistry as the executive producers. 

2Face and Wizkid also went back to back on their individual hit tracks like Show Me The Money, For Instance, Ojuelagba, If to say, In My Bed, Catch the vibe, etc, and later closed with “Dance Go”. 

 2Face’s wife, Annie Idibia was also present as she stood behind her husband, cheering him on as he performed. The Hennessy Artistry club tour was hosted by Beat FM’s Jimmie with DJ SPinall as guest DJ for the night. 

Other performances at the event include Naija Ninjas’ Yung GreyC, YBNL’s Lil Kesh and Sound Sultan who performed Kokose with Wizkid VIP guests kept showering money on 2Face and Wizkid as they performed. 

They also threw thousands of Naira in the air as Wizkid performed “Show Me The Money” 2face and Wizkid also gave out numerous bottles of Hennessy XO and VSOP to fans who came out to party with them. 

The pair will again be at Cosmo Lounge in Port Harcourt on Saturday, October 11th. That same night in Lagos, Rumors in Ikeja will also see great performances from #HennessyArtistry2014 supporting acts, Reminisce, Skales and Runtown.

I bet you didn't see Wizkid on the Right ?
I bet you didn't see Wizkid on the Right ?

Courtesy: BHM

This fourth episode of #CokeStudioAfrica Season 2 might just be the series ever. 

The week’s episode featured artistes like Olamide, Fena, Burna Boy, Phyno, Flavour, Victoria Kimani, Shaa, Jackie Chandiru, Neyma and Vanessa Mdee

Phyno and Neyma started off the show with a spectacular performance with a total remake of Phyno’s “Man of The Year”, Shaa and Jackie Chandiru followed with an equally mind blowing performance of Shaa’s recent hit single “Subira” Burna Boy teamed up with Vanessa Mdee as they took fans down memory lane with a new version to one of Burna Boy’s single “Na So E Be” off his “L.I.F.E” album. 

Olamide crossed paths with Fena to give a more captivating version of Fena’s 2013 buzzing single “Africa Massive” with the help of the incomprehensible Unknown DJ. 

The highlight of the show was Victoria Kimani and Flavour as their sizzling performance for Victoria Kimani's “ I Don’t Love You" turned up the heat a notch higher with Flavour's bare chested performance.

Full Video

Phyno and Neyma – Man of the year 

Shaa and Jackie Chandiru – Subira 

Burna Boy and Vanessa Mdee – Na So E Suppose Be 

Fena and Olamide – Africa Massive 

Victoria Kimani and Flavour – I Don’t Love You 
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