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L’Espace hosted the ultimate ‘fash bash’ , with a private dinner sponsored by  French champagne house Lanson, in honor of their campaign stars Toke Makinwa, Munachi Abi and Folu Storms, it also served as the official launch of the Loot digital fashion magazine featuring fashion’s favorite IT girl, Fade Ogunro.

A handpicked selection of guests, exclusively invited by the guests of honour included Sika Osei, Andrea
Giacciglia, Wana Udobang, Michelle Dede formed the stylish crowd at the dinner. They enjoyed a sumptuous three course meal by Tash Bistro, friendly banter and a seemingly endless flow of Lanson champagne.
Speaking on the magazine, “I LOVE the Loot and the campaign says, ‘#BuyNigerian advocate Fade Ogunro’. It’s very fresh ... different, It’s so stylized and shows the breadth of what fashion can be through the offerings of L’Espace.”  

On her involvement in the campaign and the event itself Toke enthused, “It was a really gorgeous evening. To be in the midst of all these fabulous people at what we all know to be the hottest spot  for fashion in Lagos, and all these influencers in the industry, it was amazing. And I LOVE the Loot as well ! It’s so fun and unapologetic, Fade’s cover is very striking. I really, really am proud of what L’Espace is doing. It’s time someone upped the game, and they are.”

“The L’Espace/LPM team has been leading the way for many years,” Folu Storms of Ndani TV said in her speech, “so I’m not surprised they continue to innovate and lead in the fashion industry. They’ve come a long way from their first LPM’

Chief Tunde Onakoya of TEO Ltd – distributors 0f Lanson – gave a short speech on the history  of Fashion and Champagne, as he mischievously hinted on the fusion of both elements within  the L’Espace experience moving forward. “So don’t be surprised if on your next shopping trip to  L’Espace, we present you with a bottle of Lanson” added Wonu Odunsi , Co-CEO L’Espace.

“We’re really excited about all the amazing things we will be doing here in the new season,” and We’ve been privileged to sit at the front row of Nigeria’s growing fashion industry, and we thank our partners and sponsors as we kick things off to a whole new level.”



Twitter Nigeria can be fun and at the same time could be hell, I have been a very frequent user of twitter since the year 2008 and I can clearly say I have seen twitter transform nobodies to somebodies I have seen the ups and downs. 

So I have been given the job to write an article on the Coolest People to follow on twitter for an upcoming magazine which will soon hit Nigeria , when I say cool I mean people that you follow and you basically get all what twitter has to offer; from gossips to latest headlines, funny comments et al.

I can boldly say twitter is not as fun as it used to be due to the influx of the new trend called RT4RT and constant and meaningless hashtags and questionnaire but these set of people still manage to stay above the mediocrity and keep twitter fun for a few lot.
Weekends are the best days to be on twitter especially because of soccer and since it’s a free day everyone gets to be on it. Our panel of reviewers over the course of 6 months reviewed and followed these set of people
Twitter is a social network so criteria’s such as sense of humour, knowledge on issues, how your tweets are constructed matter, what you talk about et al
In no Particular Order I Start With
@OvieO: He owns Nigeria’s premier music blog notjustok. His bio is ‘Send your Music to (Email Addy) and Pray. Like that’s not enough. Whenever his team Manchester united is playing he bombards you with banters upon banters. Recently his team haven’t been giving him so much joy and has been on the receiving end. If he is not giving us the hits he filling the TL with jokes but all in all he is fun to follow

@MRSGIROUD  : From the name you will know she is an arsenal fan, she loves arsenal to the bone and the way she takes shots at teams like Chelsea which she calls chelslut is classic. You will enjoy her more during weekends either an arsenal win or not mrsgiroud is always in for banters..
@MrsMUFC : Seeing women who tweet about football and commit to banters with men is very sexy to men according to the male panellist and mrsmufc is one who throws the banter and all whenever there is a match going and even with other issues whatever she has to say always has a pinch of humour in it
@Omobobo His tweets are twisted, one time he was nominated for p setter of the year. the thing about his tweet is his very healthy sense of humour in every of them. Always sees the lighter side to things. According to him he is on twitter for small chops.

@Sir_Jaydee: He is a handful I tell you. From going in hard on arsenal fans to his well-polished opinions on music. Sense of humour is also up there with the others. When he speaks about any topic he adds a joke. You will always be entertained by his TL with his banters. Most especially his views on music and also get the latest on the best upcoming music

@DONJAZZY: The only celeb on our list. Don Jazzy is funny in all dimensions. You can even take a shot at him and he will make a joke out of it. Whether he is advertising loya milk, MTN or a new single. DON Baba J is the man. Anytime he is on the TL is fun all the way.
@Abimberry: Another arsenal female fan whether she is taking bants from fellow rival clubs or dishing it out. She always remains classy. Even when she is tweeting about other matters she still keeps it classy and funny.
@LOSGIDDY losgiddy has always been one those few that kept it real with twitter, I can still remember when he shut down twitter when himself an MI Abaga where having a discussion. He also does this stories which he tells most time through voice notes although he tags them as true which most sound very unreal. That aside he is one of those that started using memes and all.
@Drewbaba One of the early twitter users. used the platform so well to promote a brand image for himself. Although he has been on the low lately not as vibrant as he used to be before. But Mr Drew hasn’t still lost the touch.
@Omojuwa Our very own twitter president. In fact twitter Nigeria’s president. He represents our pain, hope everything. Even when arsenal is losing omojuwa still finds something political to say about it. His views on politics are very broad. Hate him or love him he has rocked twitter Nigeria more times than I can count
@Echecrates Read his bio first. His tweet made it on to LindaIkeji that’s how cool it was. Most of his views on everything basically gets a nod of acceptance. And intertwined in his tweets are the mix makes it fun for your TL. His tweets are most times interactive and all
@234niiggs: Ladies man according to our panellist. With his healthy sense of humour and trap tweet for the ladies. As a lady myself I stay hooked to his TL.

There are other people that also made it Likes of vunderkid, rynie_licious, Monique_Tanya and a few. Its really not about the number of followers you have but how social and fun you keep it on your tweets.
Watch out for magazine coming soon.

Rapper Bow Wow and Erica Mena, star of "Love & Hip-Hop," are engaged.
The news got out at Saturday's 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta. When reporter Jack Thriller asked Mena if Bow Wow was her boyfriend, she replied, "Uhh...he's actually my fiance," according to E! News.

Mena also posted the following picture on Instagram, showing off their respective bling:
The couple have reportedly been dating for six months.

Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, recently joined the cast of the upcoming CBS series, "CSI: Cyber," which also stars James Van Der Beek.

A new season of VH1's "Love & Hip-Hop" is scheduled to premiere in November.